Meet Skylark

After my co-owners decided to pull the trigger on their cruising plans, we decided to sell our faithful bay sailer Joyous, a Catalina 30 and I started looking for my next boat. I plan to spend some time cruising in my future too, so I decided to look for a proven blue water design.

After months of searching I found Skylark right here in the SF Bay Area. She is a Morgan 382, hull #64, built in 1978. These boats have an ardent following, an amazing community of owners and had been at the top of my list of candidates.

She is in good condition for her age and the survey didn’t reveal any unexpected issues. However most of her systems are original and now pushing 42 years old (including the standing rigging)! I’ve definitely got my work cut out re-fitting and bringing her back to her full glory.

We had a tense but elated motor from the boatyard over to her new home. We’d found a small coolant leak from the fresh water pump during the survey, but when I went to pick the boat up from getting the bottom painted the drip tray was full of coolant. The amazing staff at the yard found us some spare coolant and after running the engine for a while we concluded it must still be a very slow leak – no dripping noticed over 15 minutes. In the end we made it home uneventfully.

Now on to planning the re-fit. Top of the list right now is fixing the coolant leak and replacing the flaky 1978 battery charger. Next up will be lifelines and standing rigging. I’m currently looking into switching to synthetic Dyneema for both lifelines and the rig.

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