Converting an airfoil from DXF to a coordinate file

Just thought I would quickly post about a useful tool I just learned about.

I was working on tracing the Cozy main wing airfoil templates with splines in SolidWorks (more on this in a later post) and wanted to bring the traced airfoil section into XFLR5. SolidWorks unfortunately has no ability to export a list of coordinates from a spline, the best I could do was to export it as a DXF with splines converted to polylines. The problem now was to turn this DXF into a coordinate file.

It seems there are a lot of tools and information available on making a DXF file from an airfoil coordinate file but very little about doing the reverse. It all seemed hopeless until someone told me about Profscan. Its a nifty little utility that can import a DXF (or a number of other formats) and export an airfoil coordinate DAT file.

One tip is it seems like Profscan only supports older versions of the DXF format so in order for it to successfully load the DXF file I had to convert it to Release 2.5 format using SolidWorks DWGeditor.

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